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After finishing Twenty First, Bennu planned his next album to be 'Seconds' and started working on tracks for this album right away, including the title song 'Seconds'.

However, work on this album got procrastinated and the music seemed to be lost in oblivion....

Now, all the material has been recovered and Bennu is working on new & additional material from his tour Back on Track 

Oblivion Years

2009 - 2018

In the oblivion years Bennu has been working on a lot besides Music.

Don't give up your daytime job ...

Several tracks during this period were persisted.

Twenty First (2008)

Twenty First

This album, released August 18th 2008, was meant to deliver Bennu's first 20 songs at the start of the 21st century.

The tracks on the album were recorder 2000 - 2008.


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