Latest show "Back on Track" May 31st 2019 @De Rotonde !


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New video published.

In the latest act "Back on Track 2019" Bennu introduced himself explaining the name "Bennu".

Watch the video to find out why he chose this name and the act came to be.


Bennu announces a new album: Seconds

Lost Tracks Recovered!

Who is Bennu?

Bennu is the ancient Egyptian name for the mythological creature we know as Phoenix. This creature symbolizes rebirth through fire. For common sensed people: "What does not kill you makes you stronger". Bennu was also a symbol of time or the passing thereof and with that it stood for growth. 



31 mei 2019

De Rotonde, Wormerveer

29 maart 2019

De Groote Weiver, Wormerveer

Reach for the stars! 

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